Midnitelite | Trailer Mobile Lighting Towers

Midnitelite provides a powerful, safe and effective solution for even the toughest industrial and mining lighting challenges.

The Midnitelite range of mobile lighting towers was developed in response to requests from our clients for a heavy-duty and user-friendly mobile lighting solution.Based on the existing design and ethos of the Metrolite, the Midnitelite mobile lighting tower offers a more robust solution and is particularly well suited to building, roadwork, or mine sites in harsh environments.

The sturdy design and heavy-duty trailer base allow the Midnitelite mobile tower to be transported across rugged terrain and installed in the most demanding conditions.Midnitelite mobile lighting towers endure the most severe on-site treatment and deliver continuous bright light safely and reliably — even in the toughest conditions.

Midnitelites are designed to be entirely versatile, maneuverable, and user-friendly. Each light requires only a single operator, which means you can focus your workforce, where they are really needed.The Midnitelite mobile lighting tower also utilises our quality LED fixture. These LED fixtures provide a 50,000 hour plus life span and come with a 3-year warranty. Our flexible approach means that if you can’t find the right Midnitelite for your application in our standard range, we’ll custom-build one for you.

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