Megapump | Positive Displacement Pumps

These environmentally friendly, automatic positive displacement pumps with indefinite dry running ability have quickly established themselves in the marketplace.

The 33PD and 44PD also have a capacity to handle light and heavy oils, petroleum, including some of the most viscous liquids at high, non-turbulent flow rates. They are also well suited to a variety of demanding site conditions. The unique design makes it the perfect pump for control of all oil recovery applications and work in conjunction with a wide variety of recovery systems and skimmers. Simplicity of design and construction provides for total ease of maintenance.


Features / Benefits

  • Unique self-priming allows easy priming of pumps.
  • Environmentally friendly – no oil emulsification discharged to atmosphere.
  • Indefinite dry running – no person required to watch suction liquid level.
  • Handles oils and sludge – excellent for environmental spill control clean up.
  • Proven design – ensures the pumps can be relied on in testing environmental circumstances.



  • Wheel mounting.
  • Mine specification compliant.
  • Sound attenuation packages.


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