Selwood Pumps

Selwood Pumps

Eneraque is the Selwood pumps distributor within Australia. Selwood pumps have designed and manufactured mobile site pumps since 1953 and are now acknowledged as one of the leaders in this field with 75% of units being exported through a worldwide distributor network.

Eneraque stocks the complete pump range for both rentals and sales. Our Selwood range includes solids handling, drainer, high head, positive displacement and hydraulic submersible pumps.

Selwood and Eneraque are proud to deliver to you the highest quality contractors pumps and construction equipment with support from local teams committed to outstanding levels of service.


Super Silent – Selwood have launched a new generation of super silent units designed for applications in noise sensitive areas. With noise levels as low as 58db(A) at full speed and load, Selwood pumps has the quietest and most environmentally friendly diesel pump range available on the market.

Fully Bunded – All Super Silent pumps units are fully bunded, ensuring that any fuel or oil spillage is retained within the bund and does not contaminate the surroundings. Drain plugs within the unit’s chassis can then be used to remove the fluids.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment – With a commitment to quality, safety and the environment, Selwood pumps are proud to be one of the few companies within the UK that holds all three recognised standards.All three standards encompass all locations and cover every operation within the company. The fully integrated Management Systems are controlled by their own in-house QHSE department. Eneraque ensures all pumps units meet ISO-9001-accredited criteria. They are subjected to comprehensive factory inspections and rigorous testing. The appropriate certification is provided on delivery with each unit, along with all the relevant operation and maintenance manuals.

Auto Stop/Start & Telemetry – Float control for automatic stopping and starting of the pumps using the latest technology to give an easy to use, effective and efficient control. Telemetry allows remote measurement and reporting of the operation of the pumps directly to pre-selected mobiles or land lines, providing real time alarm messages for high level float, failure/start, engine fault and emergency stop activation.

Pipe Fittings & Connections – Eneraque offers a wide range of pipe and fittings to suit your requirements. Our quick-release fittings make these systems quick and easy to assemble. At the same time, the tight seal connections eliminate leaks. All our pipes and accessories are crafted from galvanized steel, which means they are extremely durable. This durability and reliability result in significantly lower operating.

Selwood Solids Handling Pump

Sizes range from 100mm to 300mm with solids handling capabilities up to 120mm. The solids handling pump range offers unequalled performance in effluent disposal, sewerage bypass, and drilling in mud and slurry handling. The pumps are available with a choice of builds having a wide range of both engine and chassis options.

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Selwood Drainer Pump

These robust high performance Drainer pump with indefinite dry running capabilities range from 80mm to 200mm and are particularly suitable for water companies, pump rental companies, and high flow applications. Our drainer pump range offers easy operation, unparalleled reliability, and inherent safety. 

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Selwood High Head Pump

The Megapump high head pump range varies in sizes from 80mm to 200mm. They are designed for pumping long distances where concentration on head pressure is required. The unique diaphragm, fully automatic self-priming system will prime from depths of up to 9.1m (30ft) and are ideal for all high head applications ranging from the industrial and drilling sectors to quarries, landfills, and mining.

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Selwood Positive Displacement Pump

The Positive Displacement pump has the capacity to handle light and heavy oils, petroleum, including some of the most viscous liquids at high, non-turbulent flow rates. They are also well suited to a variety of demanding site conditions. The unique design makes it the perfect pump for control of all oil recovery applications and work in conjunction with a wide variety of recovery systems and skimmers. Simplicity of design and construction provides for total ease of maintenance.

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Selwood Hydraulic Submersible Pump

A unique feature of the Hydraulic Submersible pump range is their versatility.  The hydraulic wet ends, available in aluminium, cast iron or stainless steel, are capable of a high flow and low head or a low flow and high head.

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