Brand New Stock Pumps – MAKE AN OFFER!

Brand New Stock Pumps – MAKE AN OFFER!

by Eneraque on June 24, 2015

Eneraque being a leading pump designer, builder and supplier to the resources sector, stock a wide range of diesel and gas equipment in locations throughout Australia. We have a range of brand new and high quality stock pumps in Brisbane that we are offering to the market for inspection and providing the opportunity of making an offer. Below is the list of pumps and their performance details that we have on offer. Please don’t hesitate to arrange a meeting with our friendly sales team as soon as possible. We would welcome you to visit our facility to value these units and getting a deal while stock lasts.

All stock has to go before June 30 2015

Megapump Drainer

These robust high performance pumps with indefinite dry running capabilities range from 80mm to 200mm and are particularly suitable for water companies, pump rental and high flow applications.

44D, 66D, 88D, 66RT, 66DWP

Megapump Solids and Handling

With solids handling capabilities of up to 120mm and indefinite dry running ability. The solids and handling pump series is capable of pumping larger solids that any other pump available, with sizes range from 100mm to 300mm.

44S, 88S


 Megapump High Head

These high head pumps varies in size from 80mm to 120mm. They are designed for pumping long distances where concentration on head pressure is required.

33H, 44H




Megapump Positive Displacement

These environmentally friendly, automatic positive displacement pumps with indefinite dry running ability have quickly established themselves in the marketplace.